Recruiting for the class of 2021, what can recruits expect going forward?

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It’s not been an easy year for the recruiting class of 2021. It all started back in March when the NCAA basically shut down most forms of  “normal” recruiting by instituting a dead period that, as of yesterday, may be extended all the way through April 15 of 2021.  With covid wiping out the camp season, visits and combines, how are this years high school seniors to find their way to a roster spot on a college football team? We’ll try to help, but be forewarned, many won’t like what I’m about to tell you. However, there is much hope and a path for those of you looking to get on a college roster this coming year. We took some time and talked to college coaches throughout the state of PA. Those conversations were mainly with the heart of Pennsylvania recruiting, namely PSAC schools and D3 schools.

One of the most common concerns I hear is “I haven’t been hearing from coaches”.  The short answer is it’s because many are still working their way through this year, trying to nail down exactly how many spots they’ll have available due to players staying to use their extra year of eligibility.

For those looking to PSAC schools, the bad news is spots are going to be tight. Many coaches I’ve talked with say they’ll have only 8-15 spots to give out so they’re being very selective and sticking tightly to positional needs only.  This is a low number considering on average there is usually around 25 recruits taken in a “normal” year at the PSAC level.  PSAC schools are allowed 105 players on their roster. Many of them are telling me that a lot of their seniors are going to stick around to play because they want to use that extra year of eligibility the NCAA granted them.

For many of those spots, the average scholarship “offer” is around $2500-$3000. With the covid restrictions, that money has gotten much tighter as fundraising events such as camps were eliminated.  That’s not to say some schools don’t offer more. Depending on the value of the player, upwards of $10k in scholarship monies can be awarded.  As one coach put it, “Players are going to really have to earn that scholarship money.”  What this means is they won’t have the extra money to float to middle of the road “project” players.

The advice? First of all if you have been in talks with schools and have been given a scholarship offer or at least given a promise of a roster spot, even if it’s a walk on spot at a FCS school or D2, don’t wait for another. Take it. Don’t wait for another as that chance may never come this year.

For those that don’t get that coveted PSAC roster spot?  All is not lost, likely just delayed.  You obviously plan to go to college, so go. Pick a school with a program you like, maybe you’ve talked to a certain coach a lot and got a good “vibe” but weren’t able to get that offer.  Much of the monies you will receive are through financial assistance. Take advantage and do your research.  There is lots of money available through those avenues. Or maybe look into a JUCO or Prep school for a year. Your time will come, it just might not be for another year.

The next step is to continue training, stay in shape and work hard because when the class of 22 comes around colleges will basically be graduating two classes and there will be nearly 2/3 more available spots than any other given year. They’ll need to fill more spots than are available through the high school class of 2022.  Continue to camp next summer. (if there is a camp season, we don’t see last year playing out again this coming year with advancements in treatment and a vaccine just around the corner). Keep in contact with several programs.

Division 3 is a different story. They typically don’t have roster limits, however, they also don’t offer scholarships.  The main source of money for players there is through aid packages. If you honestly feel you’re a D2 player (be HONEST with yourself) and haven’t received at least a promise of a roster spot then you need to think about going the D3 route. You can always continue relationships with D2 schools and hopefully make that switch in 2022. Just, don’t overlook the level of play in D3. It’s good football.  I can say that across all levels. Your routine won’t change. You’ll work just as hard all year with a D3 school as you will with a D1 school, the only real difference is skill level (it’s not a huge drop off) and being on TV. That said, several D3 coaches also tell me they are having to deal with the same issues D2 schools have and spots may be a bit tougher to find.

I wish I had more to tell you, but this is how 2020 is.  We are in uncharted waters and you’ll have to work twice as hard as the class before you BUT next year, if you play your cards right, it’ll get easier.

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