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The North Hills Indians have had some very successful running backs in the last few seasons. That happens by no accident. North Hills run through the WPIAL this year was a strong one, lead by a veteran line that was anchored by 6-3, 300 pound OL Lirion Murtezi. He had a few offers from the likes of Towson and Seton Hill, but it was the one he announced he received just a few days ago that got him excited. That offer came from Navy. Today, Lirion gave his commitment to them:

We caught up with him and asked him about his decision:

WPA: why did you choose to commit to Navy?

Lirion: I choose Navy because of the great opportunity I will get after college.

WPA: Navy came in late this year with the offer, how’d that come about?

Lirion:I’ve been talking to them for over a year now and I resently talked to coach yo and asked him what they think of me and he said that there O-Line coach would take a look at my film and then about a week later I got the call and got the offer!

WPA: Navy came in late this year with the offer, how’d that come about?


WPA: who was your biggest influence at Navy, who recruited you?

Lirion: Coach Yo influenced me and recruited me to go to NAVY.

WPA: what do your parents think of your decision?

Lirion: Both my parents really supported me and this was a very big decision in my life and with there support it made it a lot easier.

WPA: what are they getting in player like you?

Lirion: I think they are getting a player that is physically and most importantly mentally ready to come in the program and help the to be great.

WPA: what position will you play?

Lirion: I’m not to sure what I’m gonna play but I’ve talked to the O-Line coach and might play O-Line but where ever they put I will play.

WPA: why commit early?

Lirion: I committed fast because I didn’t want to pass up a once in a lifetime opportunity.

WPA: what was the recruiting process like for you?

Lirion: My recruiting process didn’t really pick up till after my junior year but a lot of schools I think we’re scare to make a move on me but I’m glad it’s all over.

WPA: Do you know what you’d like to study?

Lirion: I’m not sure what I want to study yet.

WPA: What do you think is the most exciting thing about Navy?

Lirion: I think the most exciting thing about NAVY is that it makes you a leader and makes boys in to MEN.

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