Dino Tomlin will play college ball in the Big Ten. Commitment to Maryland announced today @DinoTomlin @shady_side

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He’s the son of Pittsburgh Steelers coach Mike Tomlin. He’s fast. Athletic. And plays a lot taller than his 6-0, 165 pound frame should allow. So far this year Shady Side Academy WR Dino Tomlin has nearly 650 yards receiving and 18 tds. Last year he had 9 tds, and just over 700 yards. Maryland must have seen the off season difference that helped him double his scoring production as they offered him back in August. They weren’t the only team to offer though. Schools like Iowa St, Brown, Howard, Yale, Pitt and more started the process rolling, but Maryland was the team that got his attention most, so much so that today he Committed to the Terps, announcing his decision via twitter:

We asked Dino about his decision, here’s what he had to say:

WPA: why did you choose to commit to the Terps?

Dino: I felt like it was the best fit for my personality and goals.

WPA: who was your biggest influence at Maryland, who recruited you?

Dino: I was recruited by coach Beatty.

WPA: what do your parents think of your decision?

Dino: My parents have been supportive of me throughout the process and helped me decide what was best for me. They haven’t forced anything upon me.

WPA: what are they getting in player like you?

Dino: I’d hope they’re getting someone that can help them out a lot of points on the board, but I don’t know how I could speak for myself lol.

WPA: what position will you play?

Dino: I will play receiver and maybe defensive back as well. I

WPA: why commit early?

Dino: I felt like my tape had shown enough of an improvement from last season to where if I didn’t get any more interest in a timely fashion I’m assuming they don’t want me.

WPA: what was the recruiting process like for you?

Dino: The process was frustrating at times. I understand I was blessed with options but I always felt like I deserved more.

WPA: Do you know what you’d like to study?

Dino: I want to study business.

WPA: What do you think is the most exciting thing about Maryland?

Dino: I think it’s exciting to be able to develop in a competitive environment in one of the best conferences in the country

Tell us something that everyone out there might be surprised to hear about you:

Dino: I play pool and cut steak left handed lol. I catch better one handed with my left as well but I do everything else with my right

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