Deoveon Crute is third Aliquippa player to commit early, choosing Duquesne @dcrute23

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“Aliquippa has always had athletes.” How many times have you heard those words? Well, this year is no different. Solvahn Moreland and Will Gipson have already committed to D1 schools and MJ Devonshire will more than likely choose a power 5 school. Now, you can say they have 5 division one recruits on a roster that is literally the size of a single a roster. Deoveon Crute has made his choice and will stay local to play for Duquesne. Deoveon will be a prized possession for Duquesne as his abilities and talent by far outshine his size. The 6-0, 180 pound receiver is able to find the space and get up for the ball. He’s got that breakaway speed, and now he has a home next year to continue to display it. He made his announcement on twitter:

WPA: why did you choose to commit to Duquesne?

Deoveon: I chose to go to Duquesne not just to play football what caught my attention was the way the staff stayed in touch with me I have a relationship with them

WPA: who was your biggest influence at Duquesne, who recruited you?

Deoveon: Coach Stanfield is my recruiter, what influenced me the most was him being on me about my school work pushing me so I could get to the next leve

WPA: what do your parents think of your decision?

Deoveon: My parents are very excited and can’t wait until I’m on the field I talked with them about my decision for a while and they are on the same page as me

WPA: what are they getting in player like you?

Deoveon: They are getting a player who will go 100% and will do anything they tell him to do I will compete and keep going forward from there.

WPA: what position will you play?

Deoveon: I will play receiver.

WPA: why commit early?

Deoveon: I committed early because it was like this was the only school that really stayed in contact with me through the season so I felt some type of connection between the staff that made me want to go.

WPA: what was the recruiting process like for you?

Deoveon: The recruiting process was very stressful for me. I didn’t really know what school I wanted to go to a couple months ago. But I kept getting better with pushing with my head up talks with my coach Derek moye helped me a whole lot.

WPA: Do you know what you’d like to study?

Deoveon: I look to study in business or athletic training.

WPA: What do you think is the most exciting thing about Duquesne?

Deoveon: The most exciting thing about Duquesne is how they play as a team. I love the offense they run too I can’t wait to play.

WPA: How will this affect your play for the rest of your senior season?

Deoveon: I’m playing for my team as of now playing to win the state championship..

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